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I've been staying up
And waking up nights
To figure out what the fuck is up
I don't understand why we're fucking up
Nothing left to do but give it up
That's it, fuck this shit, I quit
I ain't got no time to work it out
What the fuck is right?
Better things to do with my life

Now I know what I have to do
We're through, I'm giving up on you
So fuck you, I said we're through
I'm giving up
Get fucked

Son of a fuck
You're out of luck
You're outside my world
I'm thinking, I'm gonna drink it gone
Nothing left, nothing of you

Now I know what I have to do
We're through, let's give it up
We're outta luck
I've had enough
So get the fuck out
That's it, you fucking shit
My time is lost


from Terminal Ferocity, released September 27, 2013



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Painstaker Munich, Germany

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